Comedy Star

The London Comedy Act Booker

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Are you thinking of setting up a regular comedy night? And can't be asked to book comedians on an ongoing basis, checking each individual comic to make sure they have what it needs to play your gig? Well, then this is where The Comedy Star steps in. We don't use a fancy computerized booking system but vet personally every single comic who applies for a spot. If we don't know the comic, we ask to see footage on Youtube, look into their comedy CV etc.

Our network of hundreds of comedians represents the best of the open-mic circuit as well as completely unknown and brand new comics. We believe that this mix of experience and inexperience is one of the reasons why comedy nights can be so much fun - the 'comic' fluctuation a mixture of What-the-hell-was-that and Wow-that- guy-is-amazing creates an awesome atmosphere. And besides, we all have to start somewhere and you never know you might just have the next Jimmy Carr in your bar!

And if you need a compere, then let us know. We are more than happy to introduce you to the right person who can take care of your gig.

We offer to book up to 12 acts per night for your gig. You tell us how many acts and how many gigs each of the act needs to have in their bag to jump on your stage and we book them in. How much does it cost you? ONLY GBP20 per gig.